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Courtney Arnold 9431-1315 ANT 3514C Extra Credit 1. "We are the first species to have taken our evolution into our own hands." ~ Carl Sagan, astronomer, 1979 2. "Dead-end" means that one species is the end of their line. No other species comes from them. One example in the Barbourofelis loveorum (false saber-tooth cat). It existed in Florida, during the Miocene period (9-8 mya). Homo neanderthalensis is thought to be a hominid that may have met an evolutionary dead-end. 3. The Great America Interchange was when a sea way separate North and South America until 3.5 million years ago when the Isthmus of Panama was formed. This new land bridge allowed an important biotic exchange between the continents. Many species used this bridge such as Eremotherium eomigrans and holmesina floridanus who came to Florida from South America. While, bears and camels traveled from North to South America. The Great American Interchange was from 3 to 2.5 million years ago. 4. Alligators first appeared in North America from South America 20 million years ago.
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