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Courtney Arnold "Fatherhood" Bart’s first job restricted his involvement in his family to only being a family provider. He worked lengthy days, 11-12 hours, in search of future rewards. He only left a few times early for family functions. He spent little time with the children and his wife when he was working. Once he lost his job, he started spending some quality time with his children and realized the real fun in having children. When he was searching for a new job, Bart wanted to find a job that allowed him to spend more time with his family. He doesn’t want to miss his children growing up. He does not want to be like his father and miss their most important moments because of work like how his father missed his graduation. In his unemployed group, Bart commented on the discussion by asking what happened to the the four-day work week. He wants to be with his family. When he was at home with the children, he learned parenthood is fun, not terrifying; diapering is not as hard as people say; and in five to
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Unformatted text preview: ten years, the late meetings, special luncheons, and hard work will not matter, but the good memories with the children are what they will remember. In the beginning of the show, Bart and Margo had a live in nanny to raise their children while they worked on their careers. Bart spent little time with the children while he was working. Once he lost his job, he realized what it really was to raise children. In the video, Bart and Margo did not fight on camera until Margo was working longer days since Bart was home with the children. They fought over when the children should go to sleep. Margo said she did not have kids to not to be able to see them because she worked late. Bart thinks the children need more sleep because they are cranky during the day and hard to wake up in the morning. Their conflicts are mostly based on stress from work and the children....
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