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spanish exAM 1 VOC LIST - conseguir conseguir inf despedir...

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conseguir to get obtain conseguir + inf to succeed in despedir to say goodbye encontrar to find morir to die sugerir to suggest el anfitrión host las botanas appetizers el deseo dish el día festivo holiday el invitado guest el pastel de cumpleaños birthday cake la sorpresa surprise las tapas appetizers cumplir años to have a birthday dar una fiesta to give a party faltar to be absent gastar to spend hacer una fiesta to have a party pasarlo bien to have a good time reunirse to get together el estado afectivo emotional state discutir to argue enfermarse to become sick llorar to cry olvidar to forget ponerse + adi to become portarse bien to behave recordar to remember reír se to laugh sentirse to feel sonreírse to smile el hecho fact, event avergonzado embarrassed feliz happy -ísimo/a very very la Navidad christmas la Noche Vieja New Year's Eve la Nochebuena Christmas Eve la Pascula Easter !Felicitaciones! Congratulations!
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ser en +place to take place ya already aburrirse to get bored dejar
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