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Ciftci, H. & Temel, Z. (2010). A comparison of individual and small-group instruction with simultaneous promoting for teaching the concept of color to children with a mental disability. Social Behavior and Personality , 38(4), 479-494. The design was a single- subject design. There were two groups in the study, the pilot and the experimental group. The learning of the concept of color was the dependent variables in this study. The independent variable manipulated was the differences in instruction. The pilot group had 4 children, 2 received individual instruction while the other two were taught in small group. Six children were in the experimental group, three received individual instruction and the other 3 had small group. The single-subject research model of intersubject multiple probing was used. Five different types
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Unformatted text preview: of probing were used in the study: elimination, full probe, daily probe, maintenance probe, generalization. The baseline for the study was that all the children had not worked on the concept of color before the study or were shown through tests not to be able to identify colors. Basically, they have no knowledge of the concept of color. Although this design used was single- subject if it was redesigned using between-groups design, the results would be different. The independent variable would remain to be the manipulation of the differences in instruction but the dependent variables would be the children and what they learn through the instruction. The way the children are divided in this study would be appropriate for a between-groups design as well. The groups are equal....
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