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Critic Individual Assignment You have been learning about psychological science and the scientific method. For this assignment, you must locate a claim made in the media. This could be an advertising claim made on a newpaper’s website, a television commercial, an announcement of some recent research findings, and so forth. Anything that makes a claim to some kind of association or cause-effect relationship (e.g., use this and your teeth will be whiter in 2 weeks…this is the safest car on the market…95% of the students who graduate from our test preparation service pass the GRE, etc.).
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Use the Bartz article and specifically his CRITIC acronym to evaluate claim made. Specifically, explain how each letter of the acronym applies to the example you located. Claim?- Chikin makes dezzurt that much sweetur --- chick-fil-A Role of claimant?-Information backing claim?- Test?- Independent testing?- Cause proposed?- 2. Specifically address how the claim can be falsified within one of the topics or issues raised by the CRITIC acronym. Be sure to use the “falsified” or some variation of that word in your response....
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