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effect size - df = 10 p<.002" 2 The effect size is...

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1.Myeroff, R, Mertlich, G & Gross, J. (1999). Comparative Effectiveness of Holding Therapy with Aggressive Children. Child Psychiatry and Human Development, 29(4), 303-313. On page 309 in this article, there are many inferential statistics. One example is "A paired two tailed t test found a significant difference between the pre- and post-intervention scores (t = 4.26;
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Unformatted text preview: df = 10; p < .002)." 2. The effect size is Cohen's d = 1.409. d=14.48/sqrt(504.1619)+(1923.769)/23 d= 14.48/sqrt(2427.9309)/23 d=1.40933526 3. This is a large effect. 4. To replicate this study, the sample size would need to be about 20....
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