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ConcertRep1 Trailer - Courtney Arnold MUL 2010 Hoffer 5030...

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Courtney Arnold July 22, 2009 MUL 2010 - Hoffer 5030 The Great American Trailer Park Musical - July 12th 2009 at 2 pm Concert Report 1 Word Count: 1,505 After trying multiple times to find tickets to this always sold-out, popular show, on Sunday, July 12th, 2009, my father and I made our way downtown to the Hippodrome Theater with two tickets to see The Great American Trailer Park Musical . Based off the book by Betsy Kelso, the music and lyrics for this hilarious musical were written by David Nehls. Hearing countless good reviews about the show, we thought we had to go see it. Being able to use it for this class concert report was incentive as well. It was a fantastic, hilarious show! I was greatly impressed with this play because, honestly, I am not a huge fan of musicals. I think they drag out the plot a little too much and I like to get to the climax of a play or movie in a timely manner, not stopping every five-seconds to sing a ten-minute song about one little thing. This play was not like that at all. It had everything I enjoyed in a good play: sex, romance, heartbreak, gossip, and stiffing highlighters. I have never seen anything like it before in my life. It was smart, sassy, and energetic. In 2006, I attended The Great American Trailer Park Musical, during its first run in Gainesville. It was funny and I remember a few moments from the original show, but it was so much better the second time around. I felt the performance was much more comical, a little more vulgar and sexual, and just a better performance in general. Only one of the actresses returned from the 2006 season Catherine Fries Vaughn, who played the agoraphobic Jeannie Garstecki. Many of the funny lines from the first one that I remember were in this one’s also, like Norbert always saying, “Holy Ham Sandwiches” when something would go wrong. The Great American Trailer Park Musical takes place in Armadillo Acres, a trailer park in Starke, Florida. In the first Act, there were eight amazing songs. Each song had its own special rhythm and tempo. The songs would alternate back and forth from quick tempos to slower beats as the drama increased in the play. The play starts with the three main Armadillo Acres
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ConcertRep1 Trailer - Courtney Arnold MUL 2010 Hoffer 5030...

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