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Unformatted text preview: ,r’ ”7 ~7~ .7 ,4 Cha ter2 ufline mlements, Compounds and Mixtures (Section 2.1) Be able to define an element, a pure substance, mixture, compound and a molecule. Read sample problem 2.1 }/Section 2.2 Be able to determine the mass fiaction and percent by mass. Read sample problem 2.2 ibDalton’s atomic theory (Section 2.3). Know the four postulates of the theory. A/The nuclear atom (Section 2.4). You should be familiar with the experiments that led to the discovery of the electrons and the nucleus 9. Mixtures, Classification and Separation (Section 2.9) We look at this section at a later date. . Mb$%%fl{flfl§gég&£ engage, we, 102, ...
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