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scan-28 - Naming KBr MgClZ Li3P CUSO4 N20 Sl02 NH4Cl...

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Unformatted text preview: Naming: KBr MgClZ Li3P CUSO4 N20 Sl02 NH4Cl ‘NaC2H302 CI'(ClO3)3 H2 S_ H2 so3_ HCIOZ Pb(OH)2-4HZO Fe2(02)3 CoCO3 Hg2(MnO4)2 CuSCN carbon tetrachloride sodium nitrate calcium carbonate dichloride pentaoxide lead (ll) sulfide sodium hydroxide potassium carbonate silver chloride manganese (HI) perchlorate ferrous oxide acetic acid perchloric acid chromic sulfite trihydrate tin (IV) phosphate oxalic acid stannic dichromate ferrous (11) hydrogen carbonate ...
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