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scan-50 - Hit/WAY Eos—Mtwj L_e.l.l.ww4'ili “J...

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Unformatted text preview: ..- Hit/WAY?) Eos—Mtwj L\.._e.l.l..ww4'ili “J. um’peir‘d é‘F‘, Git-om) CH~° W15 .70 “hi/"Jug? .OrH: sci-emf“ Cathrwt be Convvcr3t€7Lih+e O—F Venom‘ruekywn‘h ”’1 0'- Ll’umfcatl Mealfi‘gh 5,. (Ml mrl‘omf G—Fvam {anaemic IAN/{4% 57am 13‘: 04° PWH‘OVU" aww’. {Lu/Mn? lat/nick ouwm.mi W ... ., LWwLi‘gyy( I; merrii " Metals (main-group) 3 Metals (transition) 'o—F lgor Mart Metalloids l:l Nonmetals .VprQ‘L/mdm are. Format ‘03 . i: Metals (inner transition) ‘MI’WVI‘OV‘ o-F ’h/u gum/HP. m cmm‘jcqi cambiim-h‘ae‘ an 5 p4 uffi‘g, JIM—(1:05 MAlN-GROUP ELEMENTS ( *‘— ‘1 8A (18) 2 3A 4A 5A 6A 7A He (13) (14) l (15) (16) (17) 4.003 * '3 ’6 '7 9 '10 ' F" Ne Period ’17 18 ' Ci Ar’ 35.45 39.95 35 36 Br Kr 79.90 83.80 53 54 l Xe 126.9 131.3 '85 as, A’ t - Rn (210} (222) hlvt‘LUW \ lNNEH TRANSITION ELEMENTS Lanthanides 7:7- ’ Per: 0 d r 9' 0W5 - \"(Ad-u‘rfl-£ u 114an 7 Actinides . The modern periodic table. The table consists of ele- ananged by increasing atomic number into groups (verti— fgeai columns) and periods-(horizontal rows). Each box contains the atomic number, atomic symbol, and atomic mass. (A mass in paren- 'itneses is the mass number of the most stable isotope of that element.) The periods are numbered 1 to 7. The groups (sometimes called fami- b'es} have a number-letter designation and a new group number in parentheses. The A groups are the main—group elements; the B groups are the transition elements. Two series of inner transition elements are‘ placed 'beiow the main body of the table but actually fit between the el- ements indicated. Metals lie below and to the left of the thick “stair- case” line [top of 3A(13) to bottom of 6A(16)] and include main-group u ‘1 in metals (purple-blue), transition elements (blue). and inner transition el- ements (gray-blue). Nonmetals yellow) lie to the right of the line. Met- alloids (green) lie along the line. We discuss the placement of hydrogen in Chapter 14. As of late 2004, elements 111, 112, 114, and 116 had not yet been named. in ...
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