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Unformatted text preview: Apple – Team # 1 List Team Members Alphabetically Here 1. The most important industry trend affecting our brand is (rapidly rising food and supply costs*) the technological advances in the computing and mobile device category. 2. The mission of our brand is (fast casual dining) 3. The top competitor of our company is (e.g., Appleby’s) 4. The primary three reasons why customers choose our brand is (great salad bar, good value American cuisine and reasonably priced, full bar service) 5. The primary three reasons customers reject our brand is (lack of menu variety, slow service and is boring, tasteless) 6. The key marketing objective for our brand is (every time 24-54 year old suburbanites think about fast casual restaurants, at least 85% believe Ruby Tuesdays offers exciting and tasty, reasonably priced food in a friendly neighborhood tavern environment) 7. Value can be added to our brand by (e.g., adding curbside pickup with dedicated parking spots) 8. Our Green Strategy is (e.g., install renewable resource energy temperature control) 9. The key distribution tactic we recommend is (e.g., adding on-line ordering for curbside pickup) 10. The key promotion tactic we recommend is (e.g., 50% off coupon off next one meal – minimum order two meals) 11. The key pricing tactic we recommend is (e.g., kids eat for free every Monday – minimum adult meal per child) 12. The use of technology to advance our key marketing objective is (smart phone app for web-based reservations) * All the items in parentheses on this page are examples of typical responses for a brand such as Ruby Tuesdays . Do not assume that these examples are good or bad, since the key to an excellent paper is the team’s explanations WHY these example responses are appropriate for the objectives the team has selected for the organization. For more information about writing a marketing plan, see your text Exhibit 2.2, page 39 and pages 38 - 48. To complete this page, delete the italicized items in parentheses and enter the responses for your brand. Type Your Company Brand Name Here, Team # Here, page 1 (1) Marketing Plan Element. See suggested pages listed. (2) List the driving factors for each of the Marketing Plan Elements (WHAT) (3) Explain the basis for your reasoning in column (2). How did you reach that conclusion? What sources did you rely on? (WHY) (4) What is the action response you recommend for each item listed? What are you going to do about it? (ACTION RESPONSE) (1) Environmental Analysis, consumer behavior and competitor analysis. See Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6. Use various industry trends and company sources to complete this section. Use In – Class Assignments # 1, 2, 5 and 7 and my feedback on them for guidance....
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MarketingPlanTemplateFall2010 - Apple – Team 1 List Team...

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