HW 4 (Chap 3)

HW 4 (Chap 3) - OM 210 Fall 2010 Homework Assignments...

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OM 210 Fall 2010 Homework Assignments Homework #4 for Chapter 3 An Excel-based Homework Assignment Required Homework #4 from Chapter 3 to be submitted for grade: Problem 7 on pages 88 . (Problem 7 appears in the “Exercises at the end of section 3.1.) You are asked in this assignment to calculate statistics in Excel and answer questions based on your calculations. The purpose of this assignment is to give you some practice in using Excel as a calculation aid in descriptive statistics. You may use either Excel 2003 or Excel 2007. This is an individual assignment. No collaborative or group work is allowed. Read this entire document and follow the directions and instructions stated herein. The data for problem 3.7 is posted in a separate Excel workbook named “Prob 3.7 (broker data)” on the OM 210 Blackboard course website under “Homework Assignments” listed beneath this document. (The data is also listed in Table 3.2 on page 88 of the textbook.) The samples are for: The commission charged on a broker-assisted trade of 100 shares at $50 per share. The commission charged on an online trade of 500 shares at $50 per share. Note the both samples are of the same size n = 24. For both samples, use the built-in Excel functions (in the function wizard) to calculate the following statistics: mean (xbar), median, mode (if any),
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HW 4 (Chap 3) - OM 210 Fall 2010 Homework Assignments...

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