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Quiz 4 001 announcement - OM 210 001 Quiz 4 Basics of...

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OM 210 001 Quiz 4, Basics of Discrete Random Variables For all Tuesday recitation sections of lecture section 001 (Thursday afternoon lecture), Quiz 4 will be given at the beginning of recitation on Tuesday, November 2 . The quiz will be based on my PowerPoint slide sets that I presented in lecture. Quiz 4 will be timed; only 20 minutes will be allowed. Time is of the essence, so work carefully but quickly. Quiz 4 will cover the basic concepts of discrete random variables, specifically, discrete probability distributions, the addition rule, expected value, variance and standard deviation, and threshold probabilities (e.g., the probability of more or less than expected). In the context of the given problem, you will be asked about these concepts and to apply them to calculate the numerical values of the probabilities asked and the numerical values for the expected value, etc. From the textbook, Quiz 4 will cover sections 5.1 to 5.3, inclusive, from Chapter 5. Note that sections 5.1 and 5.2 just restate Chapter 4 in the language of random
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Quiz 4 001 announcement - OM 210 001 Quiz 4 Basics of...

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