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O N E Introduction ANSWERS TO REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Guided missiles, automatic gain control in radio receivers, satellite tracking antenna 2. Yes - power gain, remote control, parameter conversion; No - Expense, complexity 3. Motor, low pass filter, inertia supported between two bearings 4. Closed-loop systems compensate for disturbances by measuring the response, comparing it to the input response (the desired output), and then correcting the output response. 5. Under the condition that the feedback element is other than unity 6. Actuating signal 7. Multiple subsystems can time share the controller. Any adjustments to the controller can be implemented with simply software changes. 8. Stability, transient response, and steady-state error 9. Steady-state, transient 10. It follows a growing transient response until the steady-state response is no longer visible. The system will either destroy itself, reach an equilibrium state because of saturation in driving amplifiers, or hit limit stops. 11. Transient response 12. True 13. Transfer function, state-space, differential equations 14. Transfer function - the Laplace transform of the differential equation State-space - representation of an nth order differential equation as n simultaneous first-order differential equations Differential equation - Modeling a system with its differential equation SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS 1. Five turns yields 50 v. Therefore K = 50 volts 5 x 2 π rad = 1.59
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2 Chapter 1: Introduction 2. Thermostat Amplifier and valves Heater Temperature difference Voltage difference Fuel flow Actual temperature Desired temperature + - 3. Desired roll angle Input voltage + - Pilot controls Aileron position control Error voltage Aileron position Aircraft dynamics Roll rate Integrate Roll angle Gyro Gyro voltage 4.
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ch01 - O N E Introduction ANSWERS TO REVIEW QUESTIONS 1...

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