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Test 2 001 announcement

Test 2 001 announcement - OM 210 001 Test 2 for Probability...

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OM 210 001 Test 2 for Probability, Random Variables, and Probability Distributions DATE For all Tuesday recitation sections of lecture section 001 (Thursday morning lecture), the second exam, Test 2, will be given in the recitation sections on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 . Test 1 will take the full period of one hour and 30 minutes of the regularly scheduled recitation. Test 1 will start and stop on time for your recitation. Time is of the essence, so work carefully but quickly. Be on time; latecomers may not be seated. (In the event of missing Test 2, you will be assigned a score of zero for it. Test 2 may be made up only under extreme emergencies; a make-up can only be approved by me and will require a bona fide reason supported with appropriate documentation. Refer to the make-up policy stated in the course syllabus for more information.) COVERAGE The test will cover all of what has been presented in lecture and covered in recitation for (1) basic probability, (2) discrete random variables and empirical (given) discrete probability distributions, (3) the binomial probability distribution, (4) the Poisson probability distribution, and (5) the normal probability distribution. Test 2 will be comprehensive of all the aforementioned topics as presented and covered in both lecture and recitation . The test will be based on my class presentations of my PowerPoint slide sets that are contained in Topic 4, Basic Probability, Topic 5, Discrete RV and Distributions, and Topic 6, Continuous RV and Distributions, of the Course Content module on my OM 210 Blackboard course web site. The specific PowerPoint slide presentations that I covered in lecture are: Basic probability. o Home > Course Content > 4 Basic Probability (ASW 4) > 1 Probability Lite.ppt.
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Discrete random variables and empirical probability distributions. o Home > Course Content > 5 Discrete RV and Distributions (ASW 5) > 1 Discrete RV.ppt. Binomial and Poisson probability distributions. o Home > Course Content > 5 Discrete RV and Distributions (ASW 5) > 2 Discrete Distributions.ppt. Normal probability distribution. o Home > Course Content > 6 Continuous RV and Distributions (ASW 6) > 2 Normal Distribution.ppt.
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