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Test 3 001 announcement - Description of the OM 210 Test...

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Description of the OM 210 Test 3 (Final Exam) Statistical Inference and Regression Lecture Section 001 DATE, TIME, AND LOCATION The third and final exam, Test 3, for OM 210 001 (Thursday lecture) will be given on Thursday, December 16, 2010, from 7:30 to 10:15 AM in Innovation Hall room 103 (IN 103), the regular lecture hall. (This schedule is in conformity with the University schedule, as stated on the course syllabus and as announced in class; Test 3 will NOT be given in the recitations.) Test 3 will start and stop on time. Latecomers will not be given the exam regardless of excuse. You must take Test 3 in the lecture section in which you are officially registered , unless prior consent was given and recorded by me. If you take the test in any other section without my prior permission, your Test 3 will not be graded and you will be assigned a score of zero. There will be no make-ups for this exam, regardless of the circumstances. A missed exam will be assigned a grade of zero. Test 3 will not be returned. COVERAGE Test 3 will cover all of what was discussed for point estimation; confidence interval estimation, both with σ known and unknown; sample size estimation; simple linear regression and correlation; and multiple linear regression. Test 3 will be comprehensive of all the aforementioned topics as presented and covered in both lecture and recitation . The test will be based on my class presentations of my PowerPoint slide sets that are contained in Topic 8, Interval Estimation, Topic 11, Simple Linear Regression, and Topic 12, Multiple Linear Regression, of the Course Content module on my OM 210 Blackboard course folder. The specific PowerPoint slide presentations that I covered in lecture are:
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Interval estimation. o Home > Course Content > 8 Interval Estimation (ASW 8) > 2.1 Interval Estimation (sigma known).ppt . o Home > Course Content > 8 Interval Estimation (ASW 8) > 2.2 Interval Estimation (sigma unknown).ppt . Hypothesis testing. o Home > Course Content > 9 Basic Hypothesis Testing (ASW 9) > Testing Means.ppt . Simple linear regression and correlation. o Home > Course Content > 11 Simple Linear Regression (ASW 12) > 1 Regression.ppt . o Home > Course Content > 11 Simple Linear Regression (ASW 12) > 2 Correlation.ppt . Multiple linear regression. o Home > Course Content > 12 Multiple Linear Regression (ASW 13) > Multiple Regression Lite.ppt . The PowerPoint presentations are located under the above cited topics of my OM 210 web site. Sample Test 3, broken down into individual documents by topic for estimation, simple linear regression, and multiple regression, contain the kinds of problems and questions that I may ask on Test 3. Sample Test 3 is posted under the link “Sample Tests” on the home page of the course web site. Note that answer keys to the sample tests are also provided. From the text, the test will cover the following material:
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Test 3 001 announcement - Description of the OM 210 Test...

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