move sci hw 1 9.11.2010 - The center of pressure has...

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Samantha Levine Movement Science 110 Ms. Anaka 9/11/2010 Homework Assignment #1 1) The can stays balanced on its edge because of the liquid level in the can. Since some of the liquid has been poured out, the balance has been shifted. If the can were full of liquid, it would not be able to stand on its edge. When changing the amount of liquid, the center of mass shifts. When the can is full the center of mass is at its base, but now it shifts to the edge. The base of support is now the edge of the can rather than the base. Since the edge is now making contact with the surface underneath the can, this becomes the base of support. There is now a force between the edge of the can and the resistance of the surface.
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Unformatted text preview: The center of pressure has shifted to the edge of the can from the bottom of the can as well. Now the sum of the ground forces is at the edge rather than the bottom. 2) 3) a) c) This pose is stable because even though I am on one foot, my base of support has changed. My body knows to shift the base of support to one of my legs rather than the base being both my legs. In addition, my center of mass has shifted. Instead of being in the center of my body, it has now moved to one side of my body since I am not standing on two feet. My body compensates for the change in balance by shifting my center of mass and base of support so that I am able to be stable in this pose for 30 seconds....
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move sci hw 1 9.11.2010 - The center of pressure has...

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