phil 111 - General Essay Guidelines & Text Analysis...

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See the IUPUI Writing Center Handouts at: for helpful info about citations using American Psychological Association, University of Chicago, or Modern Language Association styles; format info also found here: When writing an essay, please take note of the following. Points 3 & 4 are not always relevant, but everything else is! For more information about points 1-4, see the Text Analysis Matrix attached to this document. 1. Make a claim . 2. Give an argument . Provide, in other words, some evidence that the claim is true. 3. Write, at least briefly, about the implications of and possible objections to your claim. 4. Present a brief critique of your claim, in terms of who wins or loses, who (if anyone) is being “governed” or “policed” if your claim is taken seriously, and how such governing/policing takes place. 5. Proofread , proofread , and proofread !!! 6. Do not, under any circumstances, present anyone else’s work as your own. This means that any quotes from any source must be documented. Avoid paraphrases. In general it is better either to quote or to summarize any ideas you use from any source. 7. Common errors to avoid : Awkward language Citation of source (failure to do so) Dangling modifier Homonyms or near homonyms confused (e.g., there , their , they’re ; weather or rather used for whether – “one cannot tell
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phil 111 - General Essay Guidelines & Text Analysis...

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