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For more info: McKibben:   Sachs:   See also the following short article by Thomas L. Friedman “ Moore’s law and the law of more Organizations:   Biofuel:   The greatest motivator for producing biofuels is the global warming caused by the constant burning of fossil fuels. On the other hand, the biofuels are supposed to cause less pollution, and they are also biodegradable. Of course this means food that could have been used to feed millions of starving people is being used to produce fuel. According to World Bank around 100 million people face starvation in the wake of the current food-shortage crisis. Although many claim that the food shortage has been triggered by a sudden shift in the eating habits of people in China and India, the impact of biofuel production on food-security cannot be ignored. You can also add to this the accelerated rate of deforestation once every kind of plant can be used as fuel, and once more and more land is needed to grow crops needed to produce oil. So what’s the alternative? Although biofuels are far better than fossil fuels, they shouldn’t be produced by starving people and destroying the already-depleting forests. Better alternatives like
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More+info+on+McKibben+and+Sachs - Formoreinfo:

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