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POLS+103+Fall+2009+Syllabus - Introduction to American...

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Introduction to American Politics Political Science 103 Section 18111 Monday and Wednesday 9am to 10:15am BS 3011 Fall 2009 Instructor: Aaron Dusso Office: CA 504E Office Hours: Email: [email protected] Mon. & Wed. 1:45-3:15 Phone: 278-0704 Or by Appointment This course is designed as a general introduction to American national government and politics. It will provide a taste of the many and varied concepts and methods political scientists utilize to understand a wide variety of political events. This includes, but is not limited to, national institutions such as Congress, the Supreme Court, the presidency, and the bureaucracy along with the behavior of political parties, lobbying organizations and the general public. The goal is to help you better understand key concepts and apply them fostering a better and deeper understanding of political events. Due to this class being a general survey course, we cannot spend too much time or delve too deeply into any one subject. That being the case, I hope to peak your interest in political science enough to get you to continue in the discipline and seek out other higher level courses designed with a more specific focus. Required Texts All of the texts for this course are available in the Bookstore. The two texts utilized here come bundled in a single package. 1. The Logic of American Politics 4 th Edition by Samuel Kernell and Gary C. Jacobson 2. Principles and Practice of American Politics: Classic and Contemporary Readings 4 rd Edition, edited by Samuel Kernell and Steven S. Smith In addition to the two texts, we will also make use of supplemental readings available on the web through the academic journal website www.jstor.org. The jstor.org website is freely available to all students if accessed directly from a computer on campus. If you would like to get access to jstor.org off campus, you will need to sign in through the Univesity Library’s research portal found on the library’s website. I will also post readings to Oncourse. 1
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Graded Assignments The grade in this class will be based on four assignments: One in class presentation, one writing assignment and two exams. The class presentation is worth 10% of your overall grade, the writing assignment is worth 25% of your overall grade and the exams are worth 65% of your overall grade. Each assignment is graded on a 100 point scale.
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POLS+103+Fall+2009+Syllabus - Introduction to American...

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