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Chapter 1 1. What is “delinquency”? 2. What are “status offenses”? What are the most common status offenses? 3. Why have status offense laws been criticized (three reasons)? 4. How did most states respond to these criticisms (four responses)? 5. What are the main differences between juvenile court and adult court (six differences)? Chapter 19 1. What is the best way to determine if a program is effective in reducing delinquency? 2. What is the difference between a “treatment group” and a “comparison or control group”? 3. How do researchers ensure that the juveniles in the treatment and control groups are roughly identical? 4. What is the difference between “random assignment” and a “random sample”? 5. What are the essential elements of a randomized experiment? 6. What are the problems in doing randomized experiments? 1
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What are the two major reasons that some programs are ineffective at reducing delinquency? 8. What is an “implementation” or “process” evaluation? Chapter 20 1. What is preventive patrol? 2. How do the police spend most of their time? 3. What does it mean to say that police are primarily “reactive”? 4. Under what circumstances are the police most likely to catch offenders? Why have efforts to improve police response time had little effect on the likelihood of catching offenders? 5. Why is it difficult to determine whether or not hiring more police reduces crime? What does the most recent evidence suggest about the relationship between more police and crime? 6. What is a police “crackdown”? What do police crackdown on? What cause of crime do police crackdowns address? 7. What is zero-tolerance policing? 8. Under what conditions are police crackdowns most likely to be effective? 9.
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Study%20Questions%20Exam%201 - Chapter 1 1 What is...

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