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Test Taking/Study Tips This handout contains additional information about the exams. Although there is some basic information about the format of exams, my main reason for providing this handout is to help you avoid some of the common mistakes students make on their exams (mistakes that lead to losing points). Basic Instructions 1. Remember to put your name on the exam. 2. You do not need a scantron (“bubble sheet”) or a blue book for the exam. You will be able to write all of your answers on the test. 3. Make sure you read the directions for each section. The directions for all of the exams in this course are the same, so after the first exam you don’t really need to worry too much. For the first exam, however, make sure you read the directions closely. 4. You may NOT use notes or your book during the exam. Language dictionaries are permitted. Although you may not use the book or notes for exams, “emotional aids” (e.g., lucky pencil, rabbits foot, stuffed animals) are permitted. 5. The exam is printed on the front and back of each page. Make certain you do not skip a page (make sure you don’t leave any questions blank either). 6. Please use a pen, rather than a pencil, on the essays. If you write your essays using a dull pencil it can be difficult to read. Pencil also tends to smudge more than pen, which also makes it difficult to read. 7. If you change your answer make certain it is clear which answer is your “final answer,” especially on the multiple choice. If you are concerned that I may not be able to understand your “mess,” point out the problem area to me when you turn in your exam. 8. Be on time for the exams, especially the final. If you show up late for an exam after other students have already finished the test, I will not allow you to take the exam. 9. No electronic devices are permitted in class on the day of the exam. If I see you using a cell phone, calculator, PDA or any other electronic device during an exam, I will assume you are cheating and I will give you a zero for that exam. 10. DON’T CHEAT. Do not give me any reason to suspect you are cheating. If you need to rest your eyes, look at the ceiling or the front of the room. It is better to fail an exam than to get caught cheating. Trust me. 1
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Study Tips It is hard for me to give students advice about “how to study for the exams.” Students learn in different ways. Some students like to highlight the text, some write outlines, others make “flashcards.” What works for one student may not help another student at all. In some respects, learning is a unique process. That being said, I generally recommend you study with other students in the class. Yes, you need to spend some time on your own, going over your notes and reading the book. But once you have some time studying by yourself, try getting together with a friend to talk about the material. Ask one another questions.
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Test%20Taking%20Tips - Test Taking/Study Tips This handout...

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