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Writing Tips SIMPLE FORMAT FOR A PERSUASIVE ARGUMENT PAPER Introduction: Say what you are going to say. What is the topic, why is it important, and what claims have been made about the topic? This is foreshadowing for the reader and helps with comprehension of the argument. Body: Explain those things in detail (often three or four well-organized, well-structured main points), using examples to support your argument and also addressing possible counterpoints (“Some might say _____, but _____.”). This is where you really show your knowledge of the topic and ability to clearly illustrate your main points. Conclusion: And then say what you just said. This restates everything for the reader, reinforcing clarity. It also forces the writer to know and be clear about what he/she is trying to say. ORGANIZE YOUR THOUGHTS One major characteristic that separates good and bad writing is organization. If your paper is organized, you generally have a good idea what you are trying to say, and so will the reader. Pay attention to the paragraph structure of your paper. I am surprised how often I get papers that are all one paragraph, sometimes stretching as long as three pages. Each paragraph should address a particular idea or argument. Look at the first sentence of your paragraph. What are you trying to accomplish in this paragraph. Do the other sentences in the paragraph elaborate on the same general idea or argument? CLARITY
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Writing%20Tips - Writing Tips SIMPLE FORMAT FOR A...

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