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HIST 354 Review Sheet for Final Exam Fall 2010 The exam may be a combination of identifications, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and short essays. I. Identifications: (since the midterm) Identify and give the significance of the following. Tell who or what and why it is important in terms of women’s history in 3-5 sentences. Separate spheres true womanhood passionlessness cent societies missionary societies feminization of religion Sunday School movement Tract societies Perfectionism (know both definitions) benevolent reform moral reform New York Female Moral Reform Society Temperance matrifocality southern lady mourning Spiritualists Kate and Margaret Fox Shakers Ann Lee Oneida John Noyes stiripculture Complex marriage Angelina and Sarah Grimké Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society Lucretia Mott Seneca Falls Elizabeth Cady Stanton petitions Female Anti-Slavery Agents Susan B. Anthony Anna Dickinson married women’s property laws Ladies’ Soldiers Aid Societies US Sanitary Commission US Christian Commission government girls Clara Barton Dorthea Dix Mary Walker camp followers American Equal Rights Association NWSA AWSA 14 th Amendment 15 th Amendment II. Reading Question: Be prepared to write one of the following essays based on the readings since the
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Review%20sheet%20final%20fall%202010 - HIST 354 Review...

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