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Review Sheet – HIST 354 – Midterm Fall 2010 The exam may be a combination of identifications, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and short essay. I. Identifications: Identify and give the significance of the following. Tell who or what and why it is important in terms of women’s history in 3-5 sentences. Pocahontas T. Hall dame schools coverture Esther DeBerdt Reed Mary Dyer Cane Ridge Revival Republican motherhood matrilineal dissent Anne Hutchinson Lowell Mills Martha Ballard feme soles feme covert dower rights Christian Creation Story bridal pregnancy adultery Inner Light divorce passionlessness commercialization adventure schools academies camp followers boycotting home spun New Jersey Constitution Philadelphia Ladies’ Association Margaret Corbin pastoralization of housework gender outwork II. Short essay:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. What do we mean by the term “sexual division of labor”? Provide several examples. 2. Given the enormous diversity of experiences among Native American women, are there any generalizations we can draw about their experiences in the era of conquest? 3. What insights does a gendered history of slavery bring to our understanding of the origins of slavery in North America? 4. In what ways might women’s activity in the Revolutionary era be considered “political”? 5. How would you summarize the Revolution’s legacies to women? Be sure to consider how race and place may have shaped this legacy. 6. Explain how and why women’s work changed from 1600 to the mid-1800s. 7. What were the implications of the “triumph of the market economy” for women?...
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Review%20Sheet%20midterm%20Fall%202010%20version%202 - 1...

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