Adolescence%209-23-2010 - PSY 239 Adolescence Puberty...

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PSY 239 Adolescence Puberty Adolescence Transition from childhood to adulthood Social, emotional, physical changes Starts at puberty – no defined end 12-20 in US Puberty - reproductive maturity 10-15 for girls incr in hormone production secondary sex characteristics growth spurt Females - Menarche Beginning of menstruation Often initially irregular Anovulatory period Onset today (@12) Pretty steady over last 30 years Some ethnic differences, probably related to weight/body fat Consequences of onset Menstrual Pain Dysmenorrhea – not PMS Painful abdom cramps Headache, nausea, lower back pain
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Prostaglandins in uterus 50-75% of women Ibuprofen, heating pads, dietary changes Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Headache, nausea, tenderness, irritability, depression, anxiety Exact symptoms are undefined – over 200 Pervasiveness unknown – all or none? Mood swings Mislead as to being premenstrual – more symptoms Equal symptoms in women with and without Related to feminine gender role and cultural beliefs Cultural Beliefs Creek Indians in OK – can’t share plates/utensils with menstruating women European Americans – mostly negative
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Adolescence%209-23-2010 - PSY 239 Adolescence Puberty...

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