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PSY 239: The Psychology of Women Gender Comparisons In Cognitive Abilities Historical Issues Evolutionary Theory – Darwinism Ok to study variability Galton, 1907 – empirical investigations of individual differences Brain Research Cranial measurements Brain size Brain weight Brain surface Frontal lobes Parietal lobes Woolley (1910) – reviewed lit Telegraph key tapping Handwriting Women’s – colorless, conventional, neat, small Men’s – bold, careless, experiences, individual Tests of association Women’s – abnormality of reaction, slow flow of ideas Men’s – more variety, more elaborate presentations Intelligence Testing Binet (1905)
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Counting coins, repeat digits, define words Stanford-Binet IQ Test (1916) Believed there were no gender diffs in intelligence Balanced items so no gender diff occurs Thurstone’s Primary Mental Abilities - 1930s verbal comprehension word fluency
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