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PSY 239: The Psychology of Women Fall, 2010 Gender Stereotypes I. Gender Stereotypes – organized sets of beliefs about the characteristics of females and males A. Characteristics 1. thoughts and cognitive reactions; not always accurate 2. prejudice – an attitude 3. discrimination – action/behavior B. Content 1. When asked about global stereotypes, what are the most common traits listed? Physical traits Cognitive abilities Personality characteristics 2. Stereotypes in the media v=0nIXUjzyMe0 B. Content (cont.) 1. agentic/male – self-confident, independent, competitive 2. communal/female – gentle, caring, emotionally expressive 3. Stereotypes include occupations a. Men – auto mechanic, carpenter, civil engineer, jet pilot, computers, chess player b. Women – art teacher, nurse, dental assistant, social worker C. We have also developed subtypes of these stereotypes 1. often good vs. bad
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2. vary by ethnicity D. Stereotypes vs. Self-descriptions 1. more variability with self-descriptions E. Moderators 1. Gender – men’s stronger 2. Ethnicity 3. Culture F. Implicit Stereotypes Attitudes can be measured explicitly or implicitly
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Gender%20Stereotypes%208-31%209-2%209-7 - PSY 239: The...

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