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Class Notes – 8/24/10 Definition of Terms Sex: Biological mechanisms Genetics, gonads, hormones, etc. Gender: Psychological, social, or cultural patterns “appropriate” or typical for people categorized as male or female Most of this class focuses on gender issues (psychological), like stereotypes, social roles, etc. Overlap between “sex” and “gender” Sex affects gender – baby’s sex assignment leads to being treated male or female Feminism Book definition: “values women’s experiences and ideas; argues that women and men should be socially, economically, and legally equal” Men and women can be feminists Stigma associated with the term today Different “types” or forms of feminism have been defined Liberal feminism: goal of gender equality, giving men & women the same rights and opportunities Cultural feminism: positive qualities (like caretaking and cooperation) are stronger in women than in men – thus, women should be valued more than men
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Intro%20notes%20on%208-24-10 - Class Notes 8/24/10...

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