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PSY 239 – Psychology of Women Love and Relationships Part II Marriage Stats Median age at first marriage: Males: 26.9 (27) Females: 25.3 (25) Median age at first divorce: Males: 30.5 Females: 29 63% of US women are married First marriages that end in divorce: 43% People that married < 20 who eventually get divorced : 40% People that married > 25 who eventuallyget divorced : 24% Drop in standard of living of females after divorce: 45% 25% of single parent households are below the poverty line Marriage Over 90% of adults marry at least once in their lifetime
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Married people are happier than singles (especially married men) Marriage has good effects on health Average effect for men and women d = .50 Nonmarried women mortality by 50% Nonmarried men mortality by 250% Being married (v. unmarried) benefits men more Characteristics of happy marriages: Well educated Married past teens (at least 20) Well acquainted before marriage Happily married parents Good communication skills Egalitarian beliefs First marriage Marital Satisfaction Satisfaction varies over time – high at first, low for 20 years, high after children leave
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Love%20and%20Relationships%20part%202%2011-2-10 - PSY 239...

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