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New%20Research%20Method%20Notes%208-26-10 - PSY 239 The...

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PSY 239: The Psychology of Women Fall, 2010 Research Methods 1. Epistemology – study of how we know what we know 2. Many ways of knowing a. Personal Experience b. Logical analysis c. Cultural consensus/acceptance d. Authority e. Hunches or “best” guess Scientific Method 1. Combines logical analysis and observation 2. Involves several steps Steps of the Research Process 1. Formulate a question 2. Design the research 3. Performing the research 4. Interpretation of the results 5. Communicating the findings How Bias Can Enter the Process Formulating the question 1. Biased theory - From Freud to Kohlberg 2. Personal experiences a. leadership vs. motherhood
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b. competition vs. cooperation 3. Hypotheses from unrelated research areas a. “maternal deprivation” b. animal research Designing the Research 1. Operationalization – a. behavioral vs. written measure 1. behavior counts 2. observation of behavior 3. objective vs. subjective 2. Gender-content of tasks 3. Choice of participants a. white, middle class b. body image - middle class; criminality – black/Latina women
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New%20Research%20Method%20Notes%208-26-10 - PSY 239 The...

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