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Women and Psychological Disorders Fall, 2010 I. Gender differences in mental disorders A. 1.33 to 1.68 as many women as men receive treatment for psychological disorders. B. 1.07 to 1.35 as many women as men are hospitalized for psychological disorders. Disorders that are more common for women Major depression Dysthymic disorder Agoraphobia Simple phobia Panic disorder Disorders that are more common for men Kleptomania Pyromania Paraphilias OCD Substance Abuse Personality disorders Histrionic Borderline Dependent Antisocial Paranoid Compulsive
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Narcissistic C. Women have more depression, somatoform, anxiety disorders. D. Men have more personality, paraphilic disorders and more substance abuse. E. Sex ratio disappears when substance abuse is accounted for. II. Major Depression A. DSM-IV - at least five symptoms for 2 weeks: Depressed mood Fatigue Loss of interest or pleasure Worthlessness Significant weight loss or gain Lack of concentration Insomnia or hypersomnia Thoughts of death Psychomotor agitation or retardation B. Symptoms include: -Emotional aspects – sad, gloomy, tearful, irritable -Cognitive aspects – low self-esteem; pessimism -Behavioral aspects – loss of appetite, sleep disturbance, decreased social contacts -Physical aspects – headaches, fatigue, pain C. NOT a reaction to a negative episode (death in family) -Persistent sadness without relief -Generally lessens in 2-4 weeks D. Ratio 2 or 3:1 - up to 20% of women - 11% W and 6% M report frequent depression
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Women%20and%20Psychological%20Disorders%202010 - Women and...

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