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Women and Work 10-21-10 Women in Traditional Employment 1. More women work in clerical jobs than any other form of paid employment 2. 70% of women work in traditional fields like clerical, nursing, sales and service work Traditional work is great! However: a. they tend to be low paying b. they tend to underutilize skills and abilities c. they tend to offer little opportunity for promotion d. Few opportunities for learning Why? 1. gender segregation among jobs 2. gender segregation within jobs 98% K, 86% elem, 55% HS, 32% college 3. In occupations that have transitioned from male to female, pay and status has decreased a. secretarial work b. teaching Women in Non-traditional Employment 1. Characteristics of female workers a. generally similar as men in the same profession - selection 1. same in academic experience and attitudes 2. same in cognitive skills 3. same in personality characteristics – need for power, cognitive skills, commitment to job
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4. however, less self-confident
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Women%20and%20Work%2010-21-10 - Women and Work 10-21-10...

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