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Review%20sheet%20#1 - Persuasive Demonstrative Enumerative...

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Phil 120 Review Sheet Chapter One Know the following definitions and be able to identify the following concepts: Deductive Argument Valid/Invalid Argument Sound Argument Inductive Argument Strong/Weak Argument Cogent/Uncogent Argument Understand the concepts of the following: Argument based on math Argument from definition Deductive forms -Categorical -Hypothetical -Disjunctive Prediction Argument from Analogy Generalization Argument from authority Argument based on signs Causal inference Substitution instances Counter-example method Chapter Two Cognitive versus emotive meaning Vague versus ambiguous expressions What a term is Intensional (connotative) and extensional (denotative) meaning Increasing and decreasing both Definitions: Stipulative Lexical Precising Theoretical
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Unformatted text preview: Persuasive Demonstrative Enumerative Definition by subclass Synonymous Etymological Operational Definition by genus and difference Phil 120 Review Sheet Chapter Three Formal vs. Informal fallacies All of the informal fallacies, i.e. Appeal to force Appeal to pity Apeal to the people Direct Indirect Bandwagon argument Appeal to vanity Appeal to snobbery Argument against the person Ad hominem abusive Ad hominem circumstantial Tu quoque Accident Straw Man Missing the point Red Herring Appeal to unqualified authority Appeal to ignorance Hasty generalization (converse accident) False cause Slippery slope Weak analogy Begging the question False Dichotomy Suppressed Evidence Equivocation Composition Division...
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