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Chapter 9 Analogical Reasoning What it is and its form The six guidelines and how to apply them The method/form of: -Legal Reasoning -Moral Reasoning Be ready to apply to an issue by making your own argument Chapter 11 Probability The three theories- Classical, Relative frequency, and Subjectivist and when to use each -how to calculate probability and fair odds for each Restricted Conjunction Rule General Conjunction Rule - Independent events Restricted Disjunction Rule General Disjunction Rule - Mutually Exclusive events Negation Rule Bayes’s Theorem -How to
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Unformatted text preview: apply these rules to given situation (including rational decision-making) Science and Superstition What the distinction is and what it is not Justification versus truth Positive and negative rules of evidence (what we should do and should not, what counts and what should not) Ockham’s Razor and Popperian Verificationism What objectivity means and what detracts from it What integrity means and what detracts from it Most importantly, you should be able to talk about cases, why they are superstitious or why they are not...
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