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POL419 Paper Analysis of Political Forces The goal of this portion of the paper assignment is to test the various relationships between the political forces and your dependent variable. Once again, use the “Paper Data.dta” data set on Blackboard. The variables you will be using in this analysis are feddolr, pcthdem, pctobama, pctdeleg, demgov, and numsen ; feddolr is the dependent variable. 1. To analyze the relationships between feddolr and the different political variables, first generate scatterplots of feddolr and pcthdem, pctobama, pctdeleg . The command is gr twoway (scatter feddolr pcthdem, mlabel(state) )(lfit feddolr pcthdem ) a. Be sure to repeat this process for pctobama and pctdeleg. b. Are any patterns evident between your dependent variable and each independent variable? If so, describe and discuss them.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. The relationship between feddolr and the 2 remaining independent variables cannot be as easily seen with a scatterplot. Thus, you need to create a bar chart. The command is gr bar(mean) feddolr , over( demgov ) blabel(bar) a. Be sure to repeat this process with numsen. b. As you interpret the bar charts, be aware of what the values of each independent variable represent. 3. Produce a correlation matrix reporting the relationship between each of the variables. The command to do so is pwcorr feddolr pcthdem pctobama pctdeleg demgov numsen , sig . Interpret the statistical results. a. Which independent variable or variables appear to be most strongly related to feddolr ? Based upon your reading of the articles for the paper assignment, offer informed speculation as to why this might be so....
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