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POL419 Paper Statistical Description The goal of this portion of the paper assignment is to develop some basic familiarity with what your data look like. The data set is on Blackboard as a STATA data file. It is named “Paper Data.dta” Download the data set and save it. Once you have done so, start STATA and open the “Paper Data.dta” data set. 1. To begin your statistical description of the data, run summary statistics on each of the variables. a. The command is summ var, detail . Discuss and interpret the mean, median, and standard deviation for each variable. 2. Examine your DV ( feddolr ) more closely. What are the top & bottom 5% of the states in terms of the amounts awarded from the stimulus package? a. The commands are ~ i. list state if feddolr < [whatever the value is at the 5% percentile] ii. list state if feddolr > [whatever the value is at the 95% percentile]
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Unformatted text preview: b. Graph the relationship between feddolr and state . The command is ~ i. graph twoway (scatter feddolr stated, mlabel(state)) ii. Interpret the graph. Are there any patterns worthy of mention? Discuss. 3. Generate a combined histogram for feddolr , 2 of the variables that measure economic forces and 2 of the variables that measure political forces. a. The commands are ~ i. hist feddolr, name(hist1) ii. hist ecv1 , name(hist2) iii. hist ecv2 , name(hist3) iv. hist pov1 , name(hist4) v. hist pov2 , name(hist5) vi. graph combine hist1 hist2 hist3 hist4 hist5 1. ** Replace ecv1 ~ pov2 with the actual names of the variables you have selected. 2. DO NOT use numsen or demgov for your political variables. b. Interpret the graph. Does the distribution of any of these variables look strange? Discuss....
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