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soc 419 - Road to Brown Video The African American lawyer...

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Road to Brown Video The African American lawyer, _____________________, took photographs in the South in 1934 to document inequalities in schooling for African American and white children as part of the legal campaign to “destroy Jim Crown,” which culminated in the case Brown v Board of Education . ____ th Amendment abolished slavery ____ th Amendment: equal protection under the law ____ th African American men the right to vote Plessy v Ferguson – Louisiana tested the law requiring separate railroad cars for African American passengers. Homer Plessy was arrested for sitting in a “white car.” Despite the 14 th Amendment, the Supreme Court upheld his conviction. This established the ruling that you could discrimination against African Americans on trains, and, therefore, in all other public areas. This case, thus, introduced the doctrine of “______________.” Murray v. Maryland : The first major victory of Houston’s legal campaign: the court ordered the University of Maryland __________school to enroll African American students.
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