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SOCIOLOGY 419: FIRST EXAM EXAMINATION STUDY LIST This study list catalogs some of the main terms and concepts that have been introduced in the course so far. Most questions on the First Exam will involve one or more of these concepts, either as part of the question or as part of the answer (or both). In using this list as a study guide, you should pay attention to the application and interrelation of these items; merely memorizing "flash-card" definitions is probably not the most effective way to study from this list. Note: In addition to the items listed below, you should also be familiar with the required readings, since these are also "fair game" for exam questions. 1. Rational/Instrumental Decisionmaking 2. Consequential Action Model (4 Steps) 3. Behavioral Consistency 4. Tastes, Incentives 5. Deterrence Theory 6. Methodological problems with deterrence 7. Specific v. General Deterrence 8. Absolute v. Restrictive Deterrence 9. Certainty & Severity of Punishment 10. Expressive v. Instrumental
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