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gay marriage - in his will Sam’s cousins move to contest...

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Discussion of Gay Marriage Marriage was considered a secular institution until ____ when the Catholic church declared it a sacrament. The Industrial Revolution separated one’s income from the family unit, so that now people could marry for affection, sex, and love, rather than __________________. The Defense of Marriage Act defines marriage as a ________ and a ___________ , and also allows sates to not honor marriages performed in others states. In the video, Tying the Knot , Lois and Micky were police officers. After Lois was killed in the line of duty, Micky asked to receive Lois’s __________________________ as her survivor. However, because they were not legally married, this benefit was denied. Earl and Sam considered themselves married for _______ years, both working and living together on the ranch, held in Sam’s name. Although Sam bequeathed his ranch to Earl
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Unformatted text preview: in his will, Sam’s cousins move to contest the will and have Earl evicted. The two couples profiled in this video were facing similar legal issues (survivor’s death benefits). What other legal issues are affected by the right to marry being extended to certain couples and not other couples? The 1965 case of Griswold v. Connecticut addressed the use of _______________________. How did some see this court case as threatening the institution of marriage? People often compare the struggle for racial civil rights with the struggle for gay rights. This video discussed the court case Loving v. Virginia, which addressed the law against interracial marriage, finding that the marriage of Richard and Mildred Loving not a legal marriage. How would you evaluate the comparison of gay marriage to interracial marriage?...
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