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Sociology 419 RECOGNIZING POWER DISCUSSION QUESTIONS The following scenarios illustrate a number of relationships that might or might not be considered examples of "power." Think about these scenarios, and for each one, decide whether you think it is an example of power, or of something else. If you decide that a scenario is an example of power, determine what kind and what dimension. 1. Alice and Carol are realtors. One day, Alice mentions in conversation that she doesn't mind updating listings, but she despises organizing open-houses. Carol responds that she is just the other way around -- she hates updating listings, but finds organizing open-houses rather pleasant. The two agree that Alice will do both of their listings if Carol does both of their open- houses. Is either exercising power? 2. Ace Petroleum Corp. wants to build an oil pipeline across Canada. Environmentalist groups protest, and sympathetic legislators pass a law that places a large tax on pipeline construction, regulates pipeline routes and imposes an elaborate public-hearing requirement for all pipeline proposals. Ace's management says that it would still like to build the pipeline, but the project is no longer politically or economically feasible. The pipeline is eventually cancelled. Have the environmentalists exercised power?
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