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Writing Assignment #2 9-28-07 - did based on his belief of...

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Ryan Wisneski September 28, 2007 Writing Assignment #2 According to the consequentialist way of thinking the captain made the right decision to force some of the people overboard to save the rest of the people in the lifeboat. The captain making this decision brought about the most ‘good’ in the world because some of the people were able to survive through the days of waiting to be rescued. Because in consequentialism everyone’s good counts for just as much good as everyone else’s this action is not only permissible but is considered the right decision. If this decision is not made then everyone dies and the total amount of good is lower than the good that would be produced if you only took the amount of people that would undoubtedly survive, thus producing a certain ‘good’ from being alive. A deontologist on the other hand would not choose the same course that the captain
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Unformatted text preview: did based on his belief of following the Prima Facie duties. Two of these Prima Facie duties are the duty of justice and the duty of non-maleficence. To throw some of the people out of the lifeboat intended to save their lives would go against these duties. It goes against the duty of justice because it is not right to throw them overboard condemning them to death and ultimately killing them. The duty of non-maleficence is also disregarded with the captain’s action as he is intentionally creating harm by sacrificing these people to the perils of the ocean. Following the deontologists reasoning the right action would be to try to save everyone, they would let them stay in the lifeboat giving them a chance at survival....
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