Writing Assignment #3 10-12-07

Writing Assignment #3 10-12-07 - action of abortion to be...

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Ryan Wisneski October 12, 2007 Writing Assignment #3 According to the consequentialist way of thinking abortion is not always wrong because sometimes it will bring about the most good out of all possibilities. A child is not always a good thing for a family and may sometimes bring about more negative consequences then good throughout its life. These children would not have a right to life based on their life being detrimental to others involved. If the child was to be born to an unfit family or if it was an unwanted baby, the child would become a social problem for the family and itself later in life, and bring the total level of goodness down. Thus the permissible consequentialist decision would be to have the abortion, bringing about the greatest amount of good for all parties that may be involved. An objection to this argument would be that the fetus never gets to experience anything. To kill the unborn baby would be violating the baby’s right to life making this
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Unformatted text preview: action of abortion to be impermissible. This robs a human being, even thought the child has not been born yet, of its life and from a future like ours. There is also the problem that comes up because the child is a human being and it is not permissible to kill another human being. A consequentialist response to this objection would be to challenge when a fetus is actually considered a living person. When the fetus becomes considered a human being would have a huge influence, determining when it would then be wrong to kill it. The abortion would bring about the most good as it would save the family from the negative repercussions and the unborn child from becoming a social problem. With the most amount of good coming from the action of aborting the fetus the right consequentialist decision would be to do just showing that abortion is not always wrong. Ryan Wisneski October 12, 2007...
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Writing Assignment #3 10-12-07 - action of abortion to be...

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