Writing Assignment #6 11-16-07

Writing Assignment #6 11-16-07 - Hardin continues by using...

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Ryan Wisneski November 16, 2007 Writing Assignment #6 Garrett Hardin describes his argument against famine relief by using a metaphor relating the actual situation to that of a lifeboat. The metaphor relates it to such by breaking it into the rich countries and the poor countries. Those that are in the lifeboats are the people that are fortunate enough to live in the rich countries. The people that are swimming in the water without a lifeboat are the residents of the poor countries. The world is depicted as a collection of these lifeboats where some people are ‘in’ the boats and some remain ‘out’. There is another metaphor that others believe to fit the world situation better than that of the lifeboat, the spaceship metaphor. Hardin completely denies this theory however by commenting simply on the leadership status on a spaceship. Spaceships have leaders, seeing that the world does not have a leader the world is not like a spaceship.
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Unformatted text preview: Hardin continues by using his lifeboat depiction to prove that not helping other countries with their famine relief is the right thing to do. Based on Hardin’s description alone of world hunger through his lifeboat metaphor does not morally state that we should not give to famine relief. There is no argument made in the metaphor that Hardin uses, it is only created to visually relate world hunger to the reader. Although most people do not give to famine relief, this does nothing to suffice the argument on whether we are morally responsible to give to famine relief. Our individual actions have no correlation to the actions of others and we do not have to pick up the slack that our fellow countrymen. Our moral responsibilities do not change based on the actions of others. If our responsibilities did change on others actions then we would be punished for the lack of support that others may give. Ryan Wisneski November 16, 2007...
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Writing Assignment #6 11-16-07 - Hardin continues by using...

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