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Writing Assignment #7 11-30-07

Writing Assignment #7 11-30-07 - how Levin demonstrates...

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Ryan Wisneski November 30, 2007 Writing Assignment #7 Michael Levin bases his argument on why homosexuality is wrong on the function of our organs and the happiness we experience from using our organs for their original function. His first premise states that happiness comes from using ones organs for their intended use and anyone who does not use them for this function will be unhappy. By this statement this is a general assumption that there is one correct function for each organ. The next premise relates directly to homosexuals saying they do not use their organs for their functions, thus leading to the next premise. Homosexuals are unhappy because they do not use their organs for its intended function. Because homosexuals are not using their organs in the way they were intended than they have to be unhappy. Being unhappy is bad/wrong, which is Levin’s fourth premise. This is all to show the conclusion that homosexuality is bad and thus wrong. This is
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Unformatted text preview: how Levin demonstrates that homosexuality is wrong, because of their unhappiness, based on the intended function of our bodies. Levin’s argument, although his premises do correctly lead to a conclusion stating why homosexuality is wrong, does not touch on the morality of homosexuality. The fact that homosexuality is seen as wrong based on the happiness that the homosexual faces does nothing to give a moral reason on why it is wrong. Just because the majority of the people are heterosexual, does not make it morally wrong for others to participate in homosexual behavior. Happiness or lack thereof, is not a moral issue and with Levin’s argument based on these facts there is no moral side to his argument. Although homosexuality is wrong it is not proven to be morally so by this argument, furthermore its premises are not true as studies have shown that homosexuals are not more or less happy then heterosexuals. Ryan Wisneski November 30, 2007...
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Writing Assignment #7 11-30-07 - how Levin demonstrates...

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