Writing Assignment #1

Writing Assignment #1 - Ryan Wisneski Due: September 25,...

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Ryan Wisneski Due: September 25, 2008 MUH2012 Writing Assignment #1 (The Music you listen to when no one is watching/listening) In my life there are many secrets that even some of my good friends may not know about me whether I intentionally hide it or not. One of these secrets is the way my taste in music sometimes varies when I find myself alone in my room or maybe secluded in my car driving by myself. I have two different genres that I turn to when I find myself in one of these rare situations, R&B and Country. These genres of music are not unusual tastes for many but for me considering the music my friends and I listen to, they are. My first choice of my private music selection is R&B. The beats that vary from slow to hip-hop and the touching words that echo through your ears singing of loves lost and found and the things that mean the most to that person really put me into a better mood. This genre is really for the hopeless romantic as the beats get slower and the music gets more sensitive. I can really let go as I sit there and think about the things that are going on in my life as well as my love life or mostly the lack there of. Listening to this always can put me into a good mood as it relaxes my mind and my body when I am able to find that comfort zone. One of the problems that arise from listening to this music in public or loudly for others
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Writing Assignment #1 - Ryan Wisneski Due: September 25,...

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