Writing Assignment #2

Writing Assignment #2 - Ryan Wisneski MUH2012 Due: December...

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Ryan Wisneski MUH2012 Due: December 4 th , 2008 Word Count: 1,576 Writing Assignment #2 Option #1 Personal Musical History Throughout my life music has played a huge role in my development as a young adult and I now thoroughly enjoy listening to music on a daily basis. When I am sitting in my room there is rarely a moment that I do not have music rushing through my speakers and filling my room with rap, hip-hop, rhythm and blues, country, rock, or music of other genres to match whatever mood I may find myself in. My choice of music has not always been as it is today though and even so recently as these past months my music choices has been ever changing. As a young child the music I grew up listening to was that of Christian music that matches my family’s strong religious values. The genre of music that I was first introduced to was the music that we listened to at church and the Christian radio station that my mom always had her radio locked on to, 88.1 Way Fm, our local Christian hit music station. In the house the only music that was acceptable was Christian music that always portrayed a good message and imprinted in our heads what kind of lifestyle our parents wanted us to live our lives according to. As I got older and my taste in music started to change I began listening to Christian rap as my mom still did not want me to be influenced by the secular message that was exposed. This Christian rap was encouraged by my parents as it still had a positive message but in the new form of hip-hop style beats that were becoming increasingly popular. This phase of my life did not last for long however, I had always hung out with kids that never went to church and although they were not troublemakers by any means the music they listened to was not in the Christian genre. When I was in middle school I started listening to rap with my best friend and we would always go around rapping the newest songs and thinking it was so cool to find the unedited version to download off the music sharing program Bearshare. This music of course was not allowed in my household so I was considered to be totally rebelling by listening to this
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Writing Assignment #2 - Ryan Wisneski MUH2012 Due: December...

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