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Experimental literature

Experimental literature - authors disregard any...

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Ryan Wisneski September 3, 2010 LIT 2020 Experimental Literature…thus far From the first day of class when we were introduced to experimental literature, we were told to forget everything we have ever been taught about literature and what the author is trying to do and analyze the work for what it means to us. These pieces of literature are art and according to Kant, art is something that excites the free play of the imagination and once that is understood it is not art. My perception of experimental literature are these works in which the
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Unformatted text preview: authors disregard any conventional ways of writing where the story does not tell a clear story but plays on the intellectual reading the passage by the structure the author chooses. As readers we are there only to analyze the literature as it is apparent to us and not think, as we have been taught for so long, about what the author intends. Experimental literature is about simply the way authors write and the patterns they use, not what we think they are trying to get us to understand....
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