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Ryan Wisneski LIT 2020 Due: November 29 th , 2010 Critical Paper #2- Literature as Philosophy In Octavia Butler’s book entitled Blood Child, we see many prevalent themes throughout the text constructed from the use of the science fiction genre in an experimental text. The most important, as well as gloriously depicted, themes that are called into question in this novel are that of the relationships based on gender and race, as well as species, as we look at our society as a whole compared to the fictional world Butler creates. Throughout this novel we also see the ideas of slavery based on the complex relationship brought up between T’Gatoi and Gan which is portrayed as a master and conflicted servant relationship. This relationship takes over the central conflict of the story, as it portrays a certain form of slavery in the complex ideas of a science fiction novel. The work that Butler goes through to portray this relationship from which we can derive these multiple themes, adds a secondary level to it through the use of this specific fictitious genre. The incorporation of such conceptual complexity, which is essential to Blood Child, makes this an excellent example of literature, able to bring together the real world themes into an experimental, while also slightly conventional, piece containing many popular ideas. The story Blood Child, tells of a small collection of humans that have been contained on a planet after escaping from a hostile Earth, finding themselves, or where we pick up their desecedents, as extremely valuable life forms for the reproduction of the native species called the Tlic. The humans are forced to live in protected area called the Preserve so that they are both accounted for, as well as not taken by any Tlic. These captive humans are to be used as a host
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body for their parasitic young, to be raised in until the time comes in which the reproducing Tlic must slice open the human and remove all their young, in a gruesome process that provides the human host with great pain and the resounding possibility of death. This story centers around the relationship between T’Gatoi, a Tlic government representative who is in charge of
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Paper2 - Ryan Wisneski LIT 2020 Due: November 29th, 2010...

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