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DAR1 - is different is what is seen and what is seen is...

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Ryan Wisneski LIT2020 August 27, 2010 Daily Analytical Reflection In the first sentence of Composition as Explanation, Gertrude Stein says, “There is singularly nothing that makes a difference a difference in beginning and in the middle and in the ending except that each generation has something different at which they are all looking”. This repetitive pattern that is evident in this first sentence continues on throughout the lecture as Stein intends to baffle the audience in her attempt for them to see the art and possibly what she thinks is impossible, give a modern composition a title of a classical. The many things that Stein touches on in this essay take on a literary terminology but convey the world in which we live in. As life goes on and generations die and generations are born but as Stein says the only thing that
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Unformatted text preview: is different is what is seen and what is seen is what everybody is doing so what is popular and what can be understood is what is happening because things that are not understood are just waiting to be. Stein conveys her work as art that is ahead of her time with the constant repetition that goes on in some cases being misunderstood but only as the author intended it to. “Of course it is wonderfully beautiful, only when it is still a thing irritation annoying stimulation then all quality of beauty is denied to it.” This sentence explains how Stein writes and that while her works are understood and confusing, that is the only time that they are true beautiful works of art because once the implicit becomes explicit all beauty is taken from it and it will become a classic, but will no longer be a piece of art....
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